About Us

Leemho is a new brand founded on May 3rd, 2021, featuring beautiful pieces with vibrant prints and bold patterns for the everyday Queen.

Leemho is meaning "dreamy"

Launched in 2021, Leemho has continued its dedication to creating versatile pieces that highlight the underrepresented lively colors and beautiful patterns of the Daily Vintage Design.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to donning and celebrating women of all shapes and sizes.

We believe every woman deserves to feel like Royalty inside and outside. With our eclectic array of patterns, designs, fabrics, and clothing options, we are delighted to help them channel their inner QUEEN to the rest of the world!

Whether it’s laying in bed, draped in one of our luxurious satin pj sets or soaking up the sun in an exotic beach in one of our fabulous and extensive swim options, Leemho, has got you covered.

Leemho, will leave you feeling REGAL no matter the occasion.

Be bold! Be beautiful! Be fabulous!